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It seems that i came across a new toy. It’s called „„. A place where anyone can read, write, and influence the news. First of all it’s a large-scale news media site like any other. They publish news from Associated Press or ESPN. Users can discuss and comment any news and even rate them. So it’s the users decision whether a news is worth reading or not and if it becomes a so called „Top News“ or not.

Another interesting feature is called „Seeding the Vine„. Therefor you simply need to save the „Seed Newsvine“ Button as a bookmark to your browser. Whenever you read an interesting news or story anywhere on the web – hit the button and you can tag it with words to describe it. A link with your description to the original website will appear at Newsvine. Very interesting is how they handle the link structure. For example. If you tag a website with the following words „web-20, social-network“ then your bookmark will appear under:

That means if you’re looking for news to any subject, just go to the url and you’ll find all posts related to it. Great, isn’t it?

Anybody can become a writer. It only takes a few minutes to register. Any of your written articles or seeded links will appear in your personal column on „“.

The points that convinced me are the Code of Honour and the fact that they present a news media site in a very attractive way with a smart feature set. At last I like the idea of turning news into conversation the way they do.

Give it a try it’s worth it.

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